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Expected treatments

Often the infestation cannot be eliminated in one visit. The number of appointments depends on the severity of the infestation – we can give you a more accurate estimate after the first visit.

Estimated costs

Notre fourchette de prix par rendez-vous (déplacement et pièges à appâts inclus)


Because of the dangers associated with the use of rat poison or mice, a professional approach is necessary. Pest control and deratting professionals can assess the infestation and plan and conduct deratting or mouse control. Depending on the size and infestation, several professional traps should be set up and checked 3 to 4 times.

Rats and Mice

Did you know that if you have a mouse or rat infestation on private property, you must report it to the city? On public property, the city is responsible. In order to control rats and mice in the long term, experts must use special poisons: we advise against the use of baits sold in DIY stores, as they are too low in dosage.